'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

about the artist


Welcome to one of those awkward 'do I have to talk about myself?' pages where I try to tell you a bit about my work, what inspires me and why I've ended up blogging away here.

After years of painting just for myself while following a career in the Picture Library business, I finally found myself working part-time, with more leisure to think and paint and consider Life, The Universe and Everything. The result? I decided it was time to be brave, chuck in my job and Become An Artist. Well - I always was one but it's just that nobody else knew it. I thought everybody would think I was crazy, but it turns out most people just think I finally got around to doing the right thing.

Pretty much anything can be a subject for an artist but only certain things will truly inspire and draw out real creativity. For me it was an increasing passion for our connection with nature, the mysterious prehistory of Britain, and the magic of myths, dreams and symbols.

You will see from a lot of my paintings that I am influenced by the intricacies of Celtic art, the jewelled quality of Indian and Persian miniatures and harmonious shapes and patterns. I use a mixed media of watercolour, gouache and ink to create paintings full of colour. Though I confess that sometimes I use them and just end up with a mess! Each painting is layered with different levels of meaning for those that take time to absorb them. I believe that it takes two to create a painting - the artist who offers it and the individual person who looks at it. Everyone will have a different experience and the painting is created anew for each viewer.

I have always been fascinated by the mounds, ramparts and stones left by the peoples who lived in Britain before records began. What we can see of the megaliths and art they left behind just opens up questions and this mystery is explored in many of my paintings.

I interpret - through my paintings - what all this pot pourri of interests mean to me. They form part of an internal symbolism that can only be expressed in paint. I hope that whatever they mean to me, they may also mean something equally significant to you and that you will enjoy looking at the paintings and draw your own inspiration from them. Maybe you might even pick up a brush and have a go at painting your own inner worlds!

All paintings  © Sue Wookey