'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Texture Exhibition at the Eagle Gallery

We have a new Eagle Gallery Exhibition opening on Monday with members submitting work on the theme of Texture. I love the themed exhibitions as they give us all a chance to think outside our usual boxes, though as an artist who paints in a totally flat medium this one had me a bit stumped! But then I realised that I had a lot of photographs of textured landscapes and odd bits and pieces, so much so that in the end I could hardly decide what to print up. Finally I went with this shot of shingle and a beautifully weathered and corrugated boat shed in Hythe, Kent. It even has an obliging seagull which flew past at exactly the right time!

© Sue Wookey
27 October - 20 November
Themed Members Exhibition

The Eagle Gallery
101 Castle Road
Bedford MK40 3QP