'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Obsidian Art: 'The Horse in Art' Exhibition

Leave it all Behind
© Sue Wookey

Obsidian Art has a wonderful exhibition coming up throughout January featuring The Horse in Art. I'll be exhibiting the original of Leave it all Behind (above), and there will be prints of it available at the exhibition, along with my Moon Horse:

"The Horse in Art 2012" 
Friday 6 January - Sunday 5 February 2012 

40 selected artists exhibiting more than 400 artworks - paintings, drawing, prints, sculpture, cast glass and more.

If you love horses (count me in on that one!) then this is a must see! I just know I'm going to end up buying something... (again!).


Monday, 12 December 2011

Priory Christmas Craft Fair

 My stall at Priory House

Well, it's been a busy week with the craft fair at St Albans last Saturday, and now two days at Priory House in Dunstable. I'm beginning to feel like an old hand at it. At least I now know how to refold my tablecloth properly, and how to hide my water bottle and energy bars behind the card stand!

After a rather quiet start on the Friday, the Craft Fair went very well on the Saturday - probably helped by the magic presence downstairs of Father Christmas, and assorted elves and Christmas Angels. It was a nice day and, once again, I met some lovely people, so thank you to all of you who took the trouble to come up and chat with me, I enjoyed all our conversations.

Priory House used the Craft Fair to showcase artists and craftspeople who they have connections with, many of whom have work in their lovely shop. If you are in Dunstable it's worth popping in if you are looking for something special. They also hold my cards and prints can be ordered through them too!

Hopefully the Craft Fair will be a regular feature there, so watch this space.

 Dunstable Priory through the window

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Having a Fair old time...

 My stall at St Albans with twinkly lights

Yesterday was the HVAF's first Art and Gift Fair at the Old Town Hall in St Albans, and it was a really wonderful event thanks to a whole team of people putting in an enormous amount of hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed it, once I got everything set up, because so many people took the trouble to come through the door and they were all very appreciative of all the fantastic work that was on display. There was never a quiet moment and I kept forgetting to sit down, so my poor old feet are really complaining today (along with my arms after lugging all that heavy stuff about!). But it was really worth it. And what I enjoyed most of all was talking to so many interesting people who were encouraging about the work that I do, and who even came up with some new ideas for me to work with, all of which I will take on board. To all of you that stopped by my stall and may be reading this, thank you! And to those souls who fell in love with things and bought them, a double thank you!!

The Fair was full all day...

I was lucky enough to be positioned in a nice corner, so could get my enormous display board up where it could be seen, though it does have fuzzy-felt mind of its own and tried to flatten me at the end of the day when I was at my weakest, by collapsing on me as I took it apart. I was also lucky to be near Hilary and Ben so I had someone to chat to and pull faces at. We all had a good time but it was certainly tiring and once I got home I couldn't move. At the moment I feel as though I can't ever look at tricksy hanging hooks, bubble wrap and cello bags again, but I have to because.....

.....this Friday I will be doing it all over again at the Priory House Craft Fayre, Grove House, Dunstable! I shall be setting up my stall (cute Christmas cards included) on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th, from 10am to 4pm:
Priory House is hosting it's first Craft Fayre, making it the perfect place for your Christmas Shopping. Having trouble finding the ideal item for that hard to buy for person? Join a host of local artists and craftsman as they display a collection of crafts that will prove irresistible. Crafts will include Pyrography, Wood Turning, Glassware, Art work and more. The Fayre will be open from 10.00 to 4.00pm Friday 9 December and Saturday 10 December, some of the crafts will be on display for one day only so be sure to visit.

For added incentive Saturday 10 December is also the day of the Priory House Christmas Cracker. Spend a day of festive fun with the team at Priory House.

For more information please contact Priory House on 01582 890270 or email prioryhouse@dunstable.gov.uk
My poor muscles are protesting, but I'm sure it will be a great couple of days. So if any of you at St Albans are regretting not buying a print, mini-original or cute mouse cards, you know where to find me!

Photos © Sue Wookey