'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Monday, 7 December 2009

'b' Gallery opening a terrific success

© Sue Wookey

The new 'b' Gallery in Toddington had a terrific opening day yesterday with crowds pouring through the doors. There were times when I could barely move - I kept finding myself trapped in odd corners by the tide. I'm certainly not complaining, it was incredible to see so many people interested in art and appreciating what Melanie Burnell and Julie Boyle have achieved at the Gallery. It's situated in a wonderful old building, built in Tudor times, although the exterior looks as though it's had a bit of an 18th century revamp:

© Sue Wookey

As you can see, it's right in front of the Parish Church, which is also well-worth a visit if you're up this way (there you are - two reasons to come...). The gallery has a wonderful atmosphere and as well as the artworks you can chill on comfy sofas, browse an art book or two and you might even get a cup of coffee to help you along. Mel and Julie have done a terrific job of making the place both lively and relaxing at one and the same time. Downstairs has jewellery, ceramics, cards and prints for Beryl Cook fans, as well as prints by other established artists and a large and beautifully painted view of Machu Picchu by Rolf Harris. Us local artists have most of our stuff upstairs in a huge room with a wonderful beamed roof. There is a LOT of it to see, with such a variety of styles and mediums to enjoy that I think anyone who visits will find something that inspires them. In case there is a slim chance you've forgotten what mine look like, here are some of them on the left:

© Sue Wookey

Hey - this is a GREAT place to do your Christmas shopping! Only 18 days left...).

Check out the post below for details of how to find the Gallery,