'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Thursday, 22 February 2018

'Escapes' exhibition at the Eagle Gallery

7th - 14th April 2018
The Eagle Gallery

An exhibition of paintings and photography
by Patricia Ellis, Keith Wells and Sue Wookey.

‘Escapes’ is an exhibition of paintings and photography by Eagle Gallery artists Patricia Ellis, Keith Wells and Sue Wookey. Using a range of media to capture their experiences but also joined by a deep love of watercolour, the artists present an escape into real and imagined journeys and encounters. All three artists are members of The Eagle Galley co-operative, an artist run gallery with an informal, friendly approach where visitors can meet artists directly through group exhibitions and small shows.

Sue Wookey: Living on the ancient Icknield Way beneath Galley Hill in Bedfordshire, Sue finds ancient landscapes and the mythic past a constant source of inspiration. Combined with a lifelong interest in nature and Britain’s wildlife, Sue layers her paintings with many different levels of meaning for the viewer to discover. 

Patricia Ellis: Travel in other cultures is an important part of Pat’s life and provides the material for her art work. Photography and drawing captures the experiences at the time and gives the basis for painting in her studio. Pat experiments with ways of encompassing essential aspects of scenes into her paintings.

Keith Wells: After the close of Keith’s career as a designer, he returned to the pleasure and enjoyment of the drawing and painting skills that had already started him down that path. He is now focussed on looking and recording the landscapes and urban environments that form the backdrop to all our worlds.

Further Information:

Exhibition open 7th April – 14th April 2018

Opening times: Saturdays and Monday to Friday 10am – 5.30pm, Sunday 15th 11am – 4pm.

Meeting the artists: Saturday 7th April will be a ‘meet the artists’ Open Day with refreshments.

Patricia, Keith and Sue will be present at the Gallery all day on the weekend of 7th-8th April and on Saturday 14th April. From Monday - Friday at least one exhibiting artist will always be there to chat with you about all our work. If you wish to meet a particular artist, please ring the number below to find out when we’ll each be at the Gallery.

The Eagle Gallery 101 Castle Road, Bedford, MK40 3QP www.eaglegalleryartists.co.uk tel: 01234 346995