'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Forgotten Stone

The Forgotten Stone © Sue Wookey
Time for another new painting, and one with a slightly Aurthurian theme. A stone marked with the spiral pathway of the Sun and a Celtic sword sits at the centre of a mysterious green grove, surrounded by protecting trees.

This is a painting that's been knocking around inside my head for nearly a year now so it's nice to finally get it down on paper. It's part of a series of paintings of tree temples, which includes Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Midwinter Sun:

I like to think of trees, with their long memories, as guardians of the mysterious and the Aurthurian sword in the stone has so much resonance. Maybe we all have a green grove within the centre of our being where something sacred and forgotten, meant for us alone, waits to be discovered by those brave enough to venture there!

The words I've written to go around the border are:

Venture into the heart of the forest deep 
and within the spirals of the green grove, seek 
the forgotten Stone and claim its gift, for a 
piece of the Sun has fallen to Earth.
- Sue Wookey