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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Open Studios now open!

My paintings and Teresa Newham's photography
Open Studios is now officially open - we had a lovely Open Evening on Friday night and lots of visitors at our first day of demonstrations at Artscape yesterday. Thanks to all of you who came and supported us! We have many more open days to come (see calendar below), with a marathon open day on Thursday where we'll be there from 1pm to 8pm. We will also have wine, soft drinks and nibbles on Thursday to keep us..... er.... I mean you going. We'll be splashing paint around, or, in Hillary's case, maybe bringing artistic order out of chaos from a pile of shredded newspapers.

Pauline Ashley, Teresa and Hillary Taylor
And I have new cards of the paintings below, which are proving very popular so I've been very busy making more of them (including a lovely leaping hare, not pictured):

Maybe we'll see you there soon?

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Teresa N said...

. . . and in my case, bringing artistic chaos out of order, probably ;-) Looking forward to tomorrow's session!