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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Reflection: The Show's Open!

Eagle Galley with our poster
Well - we're open! Pat and I hung our work on Friday and have spent the last two days chatting to visitors and actually selling some work, so we're off to a good start. Thank you to all of you've come along so far - particularly those of you who've travelled some distance to support us. It's been lovely to see you all and to hear your comments. It's made all the slog getting the stuff actually on the walls and hanging straight worthwhile! I wish there was a magic word for artists, like Abracadabra, that just floated them all into place without stepladders, levels and fighting with twiddly bits of hanging cord!

But, it's up, open and we're both very pleased with how it looks. We even made the local paper : -).

Here are a few photos of the Exhibition:

My side of the Gallery

Pat's side of the Gallery with my small pieces in the foreground

End of the Gallery with my B/W photos

4 of the rather quirky B/W photos and the small acrylics
The rest of my paintings and the colour photos near the door
My colour photos
More of Pat's work
 We have 6 days left to run and it would be lovely to see a many of you as can make it. Full details are on my Exhibition Page here. Hurry while stocks last. Just kidding - the stuff on the walls will be there until the end (hopefully with some red dots on them) but I am getting rather short of those lovely little painted hearts...



Teresa N said...

It looks absolutely fabulous, congratulations! xx

Helen said...

All looks very professional - definitely worth the effort! Hope it's going well. H & G xx

Sue W said...

Thanks! It is going well and we've had lots of comments on how interesting the exhibition is and how well all our work goes together. Quite a few sales, too!!!