'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Thursday, 17 April 2014

More small paintings

I'm still working hard getting ready for my Exhibition with Patricia Ellis at the Eagle Gallery in June, and have another mini-acrylic ready to hang:

Every Tree has its Gifts © Sue Wookey
I've called this one Every Tree has its Gifts and the words run round around the wide edges of the canvas, just like the previous ones I've posted. I'm really having fun mucking about with acrylic, but am not ambitious enough to produce something big just yet. And fun though it is, it will never be as much fun as watercolour. How could I live without that frisson of knowing that the next wash might ruin it all, with no going back? Watercolourists live only a few Siberian sable hairs away from disaster. Watercolourists say 'Arggggggh' a lot. Well, I do anyway. But sometimes it's nice to slap thick paint on knowing you can scrape it all off.

And talking of watercolour, I've done a couple of little ones for displaying in the browser:

Squirrel and Sun Hare © Sue Wookey

I paint a lot of hares, as you know. But this is my first squirrel and he's a nice red one. Not one of the ones who dig holes in my lawn because they've forgotten where they've buried their nuts.

I do have six of my usual larger paintings up my sleeve, ready for the Exhibition, and I'll post some of them here nearer the time as teasers. At the moment I'm saving them so there will be some surprises to look forward to!