'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Sketch Book

Well, Christmas is well and truly over so it's about time I posted again and bumped the previous Festive post back where it belongs!

I'm busy preparing for my exhibition on the 14th - 21st June at the Eagle Gallery, which I'll be sharing with artist and photographer Patricia Ellis. As well as lots of new work on the walls and various smaller pieces scattered about, I have a cunning plan to show my sketch book just to add interest and give visitors something different to look at. My sketch books are normally a bit of a mess, I generally have several on the go at once of various different formats, usually only about half full and on the thin side where I've torn pages out. This isn't part of the plan at all, so I've set myself the task of actually sticking to one for the duration and not cannibalising it, so I have something presentable. Like my other sketch books it's full of cartoons and doodles as well as proper drawings (what is a 'proper' drawing anyway?). And, to avoid the blank page I always leave on the reverse of a drawing - you never know what you might want to do with it - I've put quotes and fragments of favourite poems in little boxes just to make them interesting. This is lot of fun to do. And it feeds my obsession for putting text with everything!

Here are some of the pages below. Just a taster as there are 70 of them! The problem is, the sketch book now looks so nice, can I bear to put it out to be endlessly handled?

For some reason I'm ridiculously pleased with the chicken!

All artwork and photos © Sue Wookey