'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Monday, 4 November 2013

Owls, Hares and Harts

I've been playing around painting some animal watercolours with lovely loose, wet-in-wet backgrounds, the idea being to splodge paint about in a wild, wet and haphazard manner then stare at it until I can see what sort of animal might live in the resulting chaos. This is huge fun. A bluey, greeny, reddy wash was clearly a hill seen from a high angle, so had to have a barn owl flying over it:

Hunting at Dusk © Sue Wookey
The next was all heathy and heathery with a spot of yellow gorse, so I decided to put a hare leaping through it. I'm now obsessed with painting hare hair with a teeny tiny brush:

Leaping Hare © Sue Wookey
The last painting was all dark and mysterious with lashings of Payne's Grey (I love Payne's Grey but I suspect I'm fairly alone in that), so it seemed perfect for that most elusive of all animals, the White Stag, with a ghostly owl popped in for good measure. All the paintings feature the moon because... well... I like the moon, so why not.

White Stag © Sue Wookey
There are more to come (I've now got a rough and wild background that looks distinctly snowy... another stag???) and I'm hoping to exhibit them in mid-June in a shared exhibition at the Eagle Gallery, Bedford, along with the more usual, mystical stuff. More details of the Exhibition to come!



Teresa N said...

loving them all, and I now have the word for them: "ethereal". And lovely of course!

Sue W said...

Thanks Teresa! I have another one to post when I get around to scanning it - as predicted it is another stag, but not a white one.