'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Exhibition at the Eagle Gallery

I've been very busy preparing Christmas Decorations for our Eagle Gallery Christmas Exhibition (see above). We'll have a tree at the exhibition hung with the decorative efforts of all our members and the proceeds of their sale will go to Leukaemia Research. I've been painting papier-mache hearts with an snowy, Christmassy animal theme:

I have to say they've haven't come out too badly considering the fact that I've never painted with acrylic before (watercolour isn't robust enough for this) and, of course, given that they are really miniatures. For a lot of the time it felt like a wrestling match between me and the paint, but I think I won in the end and the second set of three (in the bottom photo) work much better for being simpler. The reverse sides are also painted with snow scenes, animal footprints and spirals. I also painted a lovely Robin but, do you know what? He just worked so well I can't bear to give him away and will be putting him on my own tree as a reminder of how to do it properly.

'Christmas Cracker' Exhibition
25th November - 24th December

The Eagle Gallery
101 Castle Road
Bedford MK40 3QP

Monday, 4 November 2013

Owls, Hares and Harts

I've been playing around painting some animal watercolours with lovely loose, wet-in-wet backgrounds, the idea being to splodge paint about in a wild, wet and haphazard manner then stare at it until I can see what sort of animal might live in the resulting chaos. This is huge fun. A bluey, greeny, reddy wash was clearly a hill seen from a high angle, so had to have a barn owl flying over it:

Hunting at Dusk © Sue Wookey
The next was all heathy and heathery with a spot of yellow gorse, so I decided to put a hare leaping through it. I'm now obsessed with painting hare hair with a teeny tiny brush:

Leaping Hare © Sue Wookey
The last painting was all dark and mysterious with lashings of Payne's Grey (I love Payne's Grey but I suspect I'm fairly alone in that), so it seemed perfect for that most elusive of all animals, the White Stag, with a ghostly owl popped in for good measure. All the paintings feature the moon because... well... I like the moon, so why not.

White Stag © Sue Wookey
There are more to come (I've now got a rough and wild background that looks distinctly snowy... another stag???) and I'm hoping to exhibit them in mid-June in a shared exhibition at the Eagle Gallery, Bedford, along with the more usual, mystical stuff. More details of the Exhibition to come!