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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Open Studios now open!

My work and Teresa's photos
We've now started our Open Studios at Artscape, hanging last weekend and launching our exhibition with an Open Evening on Friday night. Thanks to everyone who came along - it was a really great evening and it was lovely to know how many people thought the exhibition looked really good. This is largely due to the efforts made by the Artscape team who have made the space so light and airy and who have installed a new hanging system. No more banging in nails (and getting it wrong and trying to plier them out again...!). The work went up easily and it really made a difference to the overall look. They even had a beautiful display cabinet for Judi's glass. Not only does it light up, it revolves. Our very own magic roundabout. Pretty cool, huh?

I would show you a lot of great photos of friends, family and faithful supporters, wine and nibbles in hand, admiring it all, but I completely forgot to take my camera out of my bag. So much for being up with the digital age. So I only have photos of it all set up for our first demo of the month. We will be there every Friday and Saturday afternoon throughout the month, and also the afternoon of Wednesday 18th which is Art Trail day. The more visitors the merrier!

Hilary's work and Judi's glass in the swanky new display cabinet.

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