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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Artscape Artists hard at work!

L to R: Teresa Newham, Pauline Ashley. Judi Menges and Hilary Taylor
We're now well into our Open Studios at Artscape in Harpenden and, as you can see above, we've got plenty to show visitors in our demos. Teresa Newham has been making mini-triptychs using acrylic paint, each displayed with their own little easel. Hilary Taylor has been creating digital art using a drawing touch screen (creating much less mess than me and T), Pauline Ashley has been repairing ceramics and Judi Menges has been showing how she prepares her fabulous fused glass designs prior to firing. And what have I been up to? You can see my little watercolours in the foreground, along with my all-important coffee mug. I've been concentrating on trees and some free-flowing woodland scenes with animals, mainly badgers since everybody likes them so much! You can see two of my new badger paintings below, with lots of splashing and sploshing and wet-in-wet technique. There was also a red squirrel but, alas, he ended up in the bin. I have to brush up on my squirrel skills!

The exhibition runs until the 28th Sept (see full details below) and we will be demonstrating today (2.30-5.30), and on the afternoons of the 27th-28th Sept. We've had lots of visitors so far and this is a chance to thank all of you who've come to support us, it's been lovely to see you!

Deep in the Wood © Sue Wookey
Time to come out © Sue Wookey
Exhibition 2nd - 28th September (except Sundays and during classes)
Open Studios 21st, 27th/28th Sept
Sat 2.30pm - 5.30pm, Fri 1pm - 5pm
Unit 8, Southdown Industrial Estate
Full Open Studios information and online brochure available from the HVA Website.


Teresa N said...

lovely paintings! it's great to be doing Open Studios again.

Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve said...

Love the new badgers. It all looked like fun!

Sue W said...

Thanks! Yes - it's been HUGE fun with lots of interested visitors. And we still have 2 more Open Studios days to go (I'm planning yet more badgers...).