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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Temple of the Midwinter Sun

Temple of the Midwinter Sun © Sue Wookey

Another new painting which I'll be exhibiting at our September Open Studios at Artscape (see the post below). This painting is really a companion piece to The Temple of the Moon and shows the sun rising on the morning of the Winter Solstice. This always brings the promise of new life and new birth as the year finally turns and the days get longer. This promise of life is reflected in the mysterious appearance of an 'egg' in the centre of the painting with the sun as its yolk. Mysterious because I didn't put it there deliberately, it just appeared - much to my surprise! I was sitting looking at the nearly finished work and had one of those 'Hey! What the heck!' moments when my eyes clocked it. Sometimes the Muse is very, very tricksy and likes to put in that little bit extra. Inspiration, eh? You just never know what's going to happen.

The double spirals on the stone - found carved at many prehistoric sites - track the winding course of the sun through each year, as is declines and increases. And I've made the trees beeches because everyone knows that sometimes beeches have 'eyes' in their trunks, so they make good Guardians for this mysterious place!

The words around the border are written by me and read:

The Sun rises and the world rises from darkness with him. 
The seed of every seed, King of green and gold, 
even the grass drinks from his Golden Bowl. - SW

The Temple of the Midwinter sun is available as limited edition giclee prints from my website at Galley Hill Art

One of those beeches that you just know is looking at you:

© Sue Wookey

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