'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Old Way

The Old Way © Sue Wookey

Yup - another painting of a fox! I just can't resist that russet fur. This one is just wandering casually onto the Icknield Way, England's oldest road, where people were tramping up and down long before the Romans came and made everything annoyingly straight. I've indulged myself by - possibly - overdoing the flints massing about at the bottom of the painting. I just love flint. And it's the bedrock of the Way around these parts. I've held this painting back for quite some time because I think I just over-flinted it (can one over-flint?), but going back to it recently I realised that I like it anyway, and the fox is super-foxy and deserves to be shown. The words around the border read:

The flint path, the forgotten path, the green way where old secrets wind
between the hawthorn and the hazel, and under the ash and the oak.

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Teresa N said...

I love it - I don't think you can have too may flints in a painting!

Sue W said...

Thanks! Sometimes I think I like painting them too much. But it's that or grass and grass is really boring!