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Monday, 27 August 2012

Herts Open Studios nearly here

Herts Open Studios runs throughout September and Harpenden members of the HVAF held our usual stall at  Harpenden Farmer's Market to promote the event. The stall looked wonderful and we had a huge amount of interest, although it was hard to concentrate with a stall near us cooking wonderful deli sausages and onions. By about 11.15 I was ravenous and finally succumbed to a 'full English breakfast sausage' about 12.30. Although we couldn't tempt people over with sizzling sausages a lot of people stopped by to ask about the event and it's good to know how many people in the area look forward to Open Studios each year.

To launch Open Studios there will be an exhibition of work from artists right across the County at Harpenden Public Halls this coming weekend (1st - 2nd September). Here is a taster of some of the work.

There will also be a small display of work by Harpenden artists in the Methodist Church Cafe. This is a taster exhibition which will run from 1st - 21st September. It's all happening in Harpenden!!!!

Don't forget that our own exhibition and Open Studios will be upstairs at Artscape in Southdown:

You can learn more about Open Studios and the HVAF here. You can also download the full brochure and visit artists at work right across the county here.

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