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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Art Day on Dunstable Downs

My stall looking very festive

Had a very chilly and windy day up on top of Dunstable Downs on Saturday as part of the National Trust Gateway Centre's 3 day Jubilee Celebrations. The Downs is the highest point in the South East and with an easterly wind whistling through the marquee entrance flaps it certainly felt like it! Welcome to the world of Extreme Arting! Members of the Artists Network Bedfordshire who organised it and took part deserve special Jubilee Medals for sticking it out and making the inside of the Marquee look so terrific under such difficult conditions. Everyone made a huge effort. It's a lot of work setting up stalls and hanging paintings. Add bunting strewing and balloon blowing into the mix and it's amazing it all got done in 3 hours!

I think those members of the public who struggled down the field to see us (against driving rain for quite a bit of the day...) also deserve a medal. It must have been interesting trying to focus on all the paintings while the breeze made them wobble about! Even though we had damp grass, even damper feet, chilly temperatures and wandering earwigs to contend with, we all enjoyed talking to visitors and also enjoyed each other's company. As a bonding experience it was second to none. Corporations pay huge amounts of money to send their staff out on stuff like this, lol. 

I have more Extreme Arting coming up at Harpenden Art on the Common on 16-17th June in aid of Cancer Research UK, so watch this space!

All photos © Sue Wookey



Teresa N said...

Your display looks very good! shame about the weather. Let's hope Art on the Common is warmer and drier . . . !

Sue W said...

I have all my fingers and toes crossed! Hopefully it won't be as cold, even if it does rain, but then again we had a freezing day a couple of years ago, didn't we? Will be taking sun cream and gloves...