'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Saturday, 22 January 2011

A grove of trees

© Sue Wookey

I've been meaning to post this new painting for ages but have been putting it off until I had a chance to make prints. Well, the prints will be coming very soon, but I thought I'd better post the painting anyway or it will look as though I've done NOTHING over Christmas. Which is very nearly true. It's just so dark in late December, early January, isn't it?

This painting is - as you can see - all about trees. In fact a whole grove of trees forming a sacred space (hence the joined roots and the sun at the centre). A quite place within Nature to do all that contemplating we mean to do, but never find enough peaceful moments to get around to enjoying. A green, tranquil island within our busy lives. A miniature grove for the home if you haven't got a forest at your door or a humungously sized garden. I speak as one who's garden would give a pocket handkerchief a run for it's money.

The words around the edge read:

I part the out thrusting branches 
and come in beneath the blessed and the blessing trees.
Though I am silent, there is singing around me.
- Wendell Berry

May there be many helpful and happy trees in your life.


lmg said...

You always choose my favorite subjects to capture so well. How is it you know what is in my heart? Truly lovely.

Sue W said...

Thanks, lmg,I knew you'd like this one!

Airwin said...

Beautiful work, Sue. A peaceful place to recover from life's stresses. I love the joined roots.

Teresa K said...

the cycles of the moon make me feel as though the trees themselves are spinning! it's a great quote, too.

Sue W said...

Thank you, everyone! Lol - I can see what you mean about the spinning, Teresa, I just hope it's not going around too quickly :-).