'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Earth Pathways Diary 2011

Three Running Hares
© Sue Wookey

The Earth Pathways 2011 Diary is out, and I feel very fortunate to have my Three Running Hares painting in it. I love this diary, full of inspiring paintings and words that help us connect with nature, the turning year and our spiritual responsibility to this world and to each other. It can be used as a diary, but I use it for all my to-do lists, so it gets well and truly written over. When do we never have too much to do?

You can read more about the diary on the Earth Pathways Website. There are even sample pages. See - it's irresistible.

I'm still painting like a mad thing, and will have two new ones to show you all soon. One has me completely puzzled and I'm still reaching for a title for it. I know - if I don't know what it's about, what hope everybody else? But maybe a flash of lightening will hit me before I get around to getting it scanned. The other painting is another owly one, but very different from 'Owl Dream' below. It's one of those images that you see in your mind's eye and then just have to get down on paper. What is it with all these owls? Maybe I'm haunted by the fact that I often hear them in the bridle-way trees at the end of my garden, but - because it's always dark when they come - I've never seen one.