'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Friday, 25 June 2010

'Blow wind and crack your cheeks...'

Art lovers braving the freezing north wind
© Sue Wookey

Well - I've now had my own blasted heath moment doing Art on the Common in Harpenden last weekend along with fellow artist Teresa Kirkpatrick (she has her own account here) and her trusty partner Jon who has more than earned his Artist's Assistant Gold Medal. Boy was it windy on Saturday. And cold. And rather scary. Although we had our gazebo roped and weighted down it was leaning at a very unfortunate angle as the north wind buffeted it. Sometimes it took all three of us to hold it up. And I spent the day wrapped up in a fleece and coat and I was STILL cold. Ah... the joys of a British Summer. Still, we stuck it out in a bloody-minded British sort of way.

Our gazebo looking surprisingly upright
© Sue Wookey

On the Sunday we tied the gazebo down with enough string to wrap a herd of elephants and I wore a jumper. And the sun came out and blasted us in the inferno of our south-facing gazebo until I was reduced to a sun hat and factor 50 sun cream. Lucky I didn't have to plaster it all over my arms because of the Jumper. I now know how a Christmas Turkey feels. Frozen solid, gently defrosted overnight, then blasted in the oven until your skin is nice and crispy. Michaelangelo had years lying on his back painting the Sistine Ceiling and we had our 'suffering for art' baptism in the frozen wastes and searing desert of Harpenden Common. Ah.... just kidding. I think Michaelangelo wins that one.

Some of our stuff before the wind knocked half of it over
© Sue Wookey

But - it was HUGE fun. We'll definitely do it again next year (and probably be better prepared). It was wonderful to meet so many art loving people, encouraging to hear their comments and sell stuff, and (even better) we had a nice cheque to give to Cancer Research at the end of it. I wouldn't have spent the weekend any other way!

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