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Saturday, 13 March 2010

New paintings at B Gallery

Skellig Michael, Kerry
© Sue Wookey

I've been to b Gallery in Toddington this week and changed around my paintings so it's all nice and fresh and new. My 'Green Man' is there, glowering at visitors, along with 'Balance' and my newest one 'Skellig Michael' (above). And mine isn't the only new stuff there - there are several artists and photographers exhibiting at b Gallery for the first time and, to jazz things up even further, many of the other established artists have also changed their work around. Well worth another trip as the Gallery just gets better and better.

Best of all, visit on their Gala Day on Saturday 17th April where there will be several artists demonstrating throughout the day along with drinks and nibbles. There are well attended and a lot of fun! You'll find the b Gallery at The Old Town Hall, Market Square, Toddington, Beds LU5 6QJ, just off M1 J12. info@bgallery.co.uk

Now on to the painting! Here is a bit about Skellig Michael from the Galley Hill Art Website:

Skellig Michael (Michael's Rock) is one of the world's most amazing places - the site of a tiny 7th century monastic community whose beehive huts cling to the top of the sheer rock, 9 miles off the coast of Kerry. It is also the start of the great Apollo-Athena line that links the island with distant Megiddo, taking in countless sites dedicated to Michael, and the ancient oracular centres of Delphi, Athens and Delos along it's way. I've depicted the crossing of 'Apollo' and 'Athena', and in the doorway of the hut can be seen another cross - the ancient island one that has worn down almost into a figure. The words around the border read:

Still you meet on Michael's Rock, Mother Moon and Father Sun, and dance the old and winding dance until all days are done. - Sue Wookey.

A mysterious painting for a mysterious place. Isn't the old cross rather spooky in the doorway?

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