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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I'm going out and I may be some time....

Snowy Day 1
© Sue Wookey

I've added another of my black and white photographs to my website. This was taken in the recent 'big freeze' and although it was definitely freezing and sometimes very scary, it was also very beautiful. I went for a long walk on a day so white that  the trees and hedges were the only features. At one point I thought I'd take a short cut back along the bottom of the hill, which turned out to be one of those crazy off-piste moments. After slogging through pathless tracts of drift, and realising that I'd never get up the hill but had to keep plodding along the base of it, I had one of those moments when you beat yourself over the head with your own thermals for being such a numpty. The photo was taken long before I achieved complete meltdown somewhere in the frozen wastes you can see off in the distance.

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Teresa K said...

Just glad to know you got back home safely LOL - lovely photo! trees like sentinels, very evocative.