'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Artscape Exhibition

My paintings (left) and Vanessa Jayne Smyth's (right)
© Sue Wookey

Our Open Studios exhibition at Artscape is now up after a whole day of blood, sweat, tears and hammering and we are thrilled with how it looks. But I've discovered that there is no such thing as a straight line and, no matter how hard you try to corral them, paintings creep up and down walls of their own accord and laugh at you. How long is a piece of string? Any length but the length you thought it was when you measured it. That's how long it is.

Teresa Kirkpatrick's paintings (right) with mine again on the left
© Sue Wookey

The exhibition is above the shop at Artscape in Southdown, Harpenden and open from now until the end of the month. There are Open Days on the 12th, 17th-19th and the 24th-26th when some of us will be hanging around to talk arty stuff with you.

Judi Menges' beautiful glass
© Sue Wookey

Betty Stratham's Vogue inspired fashion sketches
© Sue Wookey

This has been a huge amount of preparation and it's good to see it all finally up on the wall. All we have to do now is deliver 1,000 flyers and persuade everyone we know that they haven't lived until they've seen it. Personally I never want see a tape measure or a nail again!


AI said...

Thanks for the sneak peak Sue! You all did a wonderful job, and I don't just mean the artwork (which is fantastic, as always!). ;-) Wish I could come and browse in person.

Sue W said...

Thanks Al! I wish you could come too, it would be so lovely to see you here.

I have high hopes that we'll have a decent number of visitors but it's so hard to know. Only 800 leaflets to go...

Teresa K said...

After all this work I'm hoping we attract a lot of visitors, too. If it's true that you get out of something as much as you put into it, we'll be swamped!