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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Exhibition Extra

© Sue Wookey
The Purple poppy Gallery.

Well, the exhibition is over and it's gone very well indeed. I've really enjoyed sharing the venue with Steph, Emily and Adele, the other three artists, and I think we all had a wonderful time! I especially enjoyed my day manning the exhibit and talking to all the visitors about all the art on display. I think the combination of watercolour (me), mosaic (Emily Wilde), crochet (Steph Phillips) and mixed media (Adele Vallance) made for a very interesting and varied exhibit and I had a lot of positive feedback about all the work. I do it again like a shot! I'm very glad I invested in a giclee printer as prints have proved very popular and it's a great way to have some affordable art. The cards also went down a storm!

© Sue Wookey
My work on the right with Steph's crochet work in the corner.

Everyone was fascinated by Steph's work. I think it was a shock to most visitors how beautiful and inventive crochet can be - especially the delicate metal crocheted jewellery. A lot of the work was very knubbly and three dimensional and people got very touchy feely with it, tracing the shells and starfish on the bags.

© Sue Wookey
Some more of my paintings with Emily's mosaic work on the right.

The trouble with manning the exhibition for the day is that I started to get so attached to some of the items there that I could have blown any profits just buying stuff. I think Emily's mosaic in the middle of the photo would look fabulous in my bathroom but I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to SELL. But it would look fabulous...

© Sue Wookey
Adele's mixed media in the background and my prints under the window.

You can see some of Adele's work in the photo above. Adele sees the accretion of paint and debris on studio floors and tables as abstracts which show the passage of time affecting the surface of physical objects. She lifts these surfaces using very strong PVA glue and her series of 4 pictures were successive liftings from one area, getting lighter and lighter as there was less surface left to come away. It was interesting seeing people spotting the traces of ring marks and scratches on the surface and realising the random way in which they'd come together to form a design.

Thanks to Steph, Emily, Adele and Gallery owner Myra for a really fun four days!

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Teresa K said...

thanks for posting the photos. They almost make up for my not being able to be there . . . ! x