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Monday, 16 March 2009

Prints now available!

© Sue Wookey

Success! I've struggled through the technical minefield of setting up my new large-format printer and can finally produce my own prints. These are giclee prints produced on archival fine-art paper. They should outlast us all without withering and fading (would that I could say the same for myself) and I can hardly tell them apart from my originals. Which is a bit disturbing, really.

So... I can now provide prints on demand for all my paintings (and drawings too, I suppose, I haven't tried that yet!). All the paintings above and those posted here in the last 6 months are already available and I can easily set up others on request if I haven't already got there. All the details are on my website at www.galleyhillart.com.

Talking about the website - all I have to do now is figure out how to set up the international shipping options, which are so awful all I ever do is take a peek at it's inner workings and run. If you're out there beyond Britain in the wide, wide world and want a print, just email me on the contact page while I work out how to wrestle the shipping options to the ground.

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