'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New paintings

Raven with the Sun
Sue Wookey

I've finally completed the colour version of the Raven with the Sun after posting the sketch for this in January:

Here a raven has the sun in his beak (as in the Native American myths where Raven gave light to the world), but the light is at the heart of a maze - in other words in the heart of us, at the centre of our journey. The feathers are souls that the raven is guiding inwards.

Ravens can have a lot of negative associations (Poe, anyone?) but I see them as a positive symbol, a guide through difficult transitions.

Indian Tree of Life and Knowledge
Sue Wookey

This has gone all colourful - it didn't start out like this at all! It's based on a wonderful 17th century bronze chola sculpture, although I've simplified it a lot. I just loved the shape and simplicity of the design. I've tried to incorporate a balance of opposites into it as the Tree of Life stands at the centre of all things, the place where the one separates into the many. When I finished it I realised that the tree looks rather brain-like, which is sort of cool and rather disturbing at one and the same time...


Teresa K said...

Very much liking the tree, in particular!

Sue said...

I'm glad you like it! It's one of the ones I'm going to exhibit and make prints of : -)

lmg said...

Sue, crows are wonderful creatures. They have complex social structures and of course very intelligent. The tree is wonderful too. I like how your style has evolved even from last year. It seems you are using brighter colors (more so than your Tolkien work) and I think it suits your subjects.


Sue said...

Thanks, LM :-). I do seem to have come over all colourful with these two. I must be releasing my inner rainbow!