'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Finally a new artwork to post - I've been away so much lately that this blog and my painting have been really neglected, but I'm busy catching up.

The Midnight Tree
© Sue Wookey

This didn't start out like this but sometimes these paintings have a way of taking their own path. So a tree on a hill became The Midnight Tree. Don't ask me what a Midnight Tree is or does. I suspect only the Tree knows. But it's got to be something deeply mysterious....


Sarah A said...

Hi Sue

Found this and thought of you:
With its roots firmly planted on the earth and its branches soaring towards the skies, the tree embodies both man - as a being between two worlds - as well as Creation linking the below to the above.

Many ancient cultures held trees as sacred. Even more deeply, they would consider them as the axis of the world, around which the Cosmos would intertwine. The Mayas for instance believed that a sacred tree - Ceiba - held the world together.

There is a specific symbol of the inverted tree - present in Alchemical writings as well as in one of the oldest books of Manking - The Rig Veda. This tree that has its roots descending from the airs and its branches plunging towards the earth symbolises the divine nature of Man. This image invites Man to understand that he has to torn the veil of illusion of matter in other to attain his inner heaven.

x Sarah

Sue said...

Really interesting :-) This is exactly what I'm trying to convey - the World Tree is such a powerful symbol, isn't it? The painting of the World Tree further down this blog actually started out as an inverted tree (I really love that image) and I painted the entire thing that way up (i.e. upside down). But when I finished it it just looked better round the other way with the leaves back at the top. I suppose that's because that's the way we always see trees. I'm still sketching 'upside down' versions trying to make one that actully looks 'right' with the roots at the top, LOL. I'll get there one day.