'Artists are gnostics, and practise what the priests think is long forgotten.' - Hugo Ball

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Oxonmoot 2008

Tom Quad, Christ Church
© Sue Wookey

Well, I've just come back from exhibiting some of my paintings at the Tolkien Society's annual Oxonmoot gathering at Christ Church, Oxford. This year's exhibition was really packed with some fantastic art to enjoy. There were two new Ted Nasmith's including a wonderful scene with the eagles viewed from above, a new Ruth Lacon of Mr Bliss in his car with 'exploding' cabbages plus another chance to see the amazing 'Niggle's first site of the Tree'. There was also another chance to see Jef Murray's vividly imagined work (which needs to be appreciated as originals to get the full effect of his use of oils), some amazing blue/green beaded jewellery inspired by Ulmo, new portrait drawings by Anke Eissman (I loved the Gollum) and a lovely intricate drawing from Becky Carter-Hitchin inspired by the Riders of Rohan, plus much else besides. Becky also organised the exhibition, for which I'm very grateful. The highlight for me, though, were two original Cor Blok's brought by their owner 'Fangorn' (lucky man) showing marching ents and Treebeard in his Ent House with the Hobbits. The marching ents were extraordinary - as always with Cor Blok they were totally original, humourous and full of his incredible imagination. An amazing privilege to be able to see them.

I exhibited 'Old Man Willow', 'Telperion's Children', 'Tom Bombadil' and 'Goldberry', which was a quite a weight to lug along with my suitcase! But it was worth it as they were well received, giving me a lot of encouragement. Very daunting to exhibit in such company! I also now have giclee prints of 'Old Man Willow' (also 'Silbury Harvest' - see below) and was able to take a sample.
It's great to finally have prints to offer - it's been a long haul getting to this point and finding the perfect place to have them done but they look wonderful, so it's hopefully been worth the wait!

Of course, Oxonmoot is much more than an art show and I'll be writing a much fuller report soon..

Telperion's Children
© Sue Wookey